Zadzooks Happy Hour


#4: The Jungle Book, Stayblcam, The Commitments, No Man’s Sky

We review The Jungle Book (Blu-ray), Stayblcam (a steadycam for your phone), and the Commitments 25th Anniversary (Blu-ray). We review the week's top-5 in theaters and the latest blu-ray releases for the coming week. Joe has updates to No Man's Sky (Xbox One/PS4).


#3: No Man’s Sky, Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping, Star Trek Spock Figurine

We review No Man's Sky (Xbox One/PS4), Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping (Digital Download). We review a new Star Trek Spock figurine, and highlight the weekend's box office top-5 and upcoming releases on Blu-ray.


#2: Star Wars Rogue One, Ghostbusters, Angry Birds, Sausage Party, The Nice Guys

We review the Star Wars Rogue One’s teaser trailer, discuss how the new Ghostbusters takes a huge loss, review Angry Birds (Blu-ray). We discuss Sausage Party which opens wide this week and the shocking NSFW scene within the movie that almost made it NC-17. Finally, we'll review The Nice Guys (Blu-ray).


#1: Ghostbusters, Suicide Squad, Batman: The Killing Joke, Sausage Party

Welcome to the Zadzooks! Happy Hour. In this new podcast, we talk film, television, console and mobile games, and technology. Today, we review the aftermath of the Ghostbusters movie, Suicide Squad's shaky reviews but monster box office weekend, some of the latest trailers to come out of comic-con, Batman The Killing Joke and discuss the upcoming R-rated animated comedy, Sausage Party.